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TOP 55 địa chỉ mua máy in 3d Ender 3, Máy in 3D – Ender 3 Pro – CGEN

TOP 55 địa chỉ mua máy in 3d Ender 3, Máy in 3D – Ender 3 Pro – CGEN

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Máy in 3D để bàn cho trẻ em (học sinh)

I noticed my Ender 3 had a slight wobble when sitting on an even tabletop and I couldn't seem to adjust it. Printing these legs fixed my issues. Plus, elevating the printer 2" made it much easier to move around when needed.  I also added some 1.5" sticky pads from my local hardware store to help dampen sound and vibration. ;)   NOTE:  If the feet aren't fitting into your slots, place them into the freezer for a few hours and try again. They should slip right in. (Thank you @SMKIA for the idea)


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Portable Mini Digital Diy 3d Printer Creality Ender 3 3d Printer - Buy Ender 3 3d Printer,Ender 3,Creality Ender 3 Product on

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Máy in 3D – V2

"MEBESTÅ" Ikea Ender 3 Enclosure : 3Dprinting


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Ender 3 Tool Holder by Kiesling.


Stop Ender 3 Stringing with this One Weird Trick! (ok but seriously) - YouTube

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Possibly the most useful infographic to improve your overall print quality... : 3Dprinting
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